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3/29/2023   His Final Steps Led to His Enemies Pastor Glenn Schwanke Luke 20:9-19 Download
3/22/2023   His Final Steps Led to His Father's House Pastor Glenn Schwanke Matthew 21:12-17 Download
3/19/2023   Mortal Combat: Jesus vs. The Blind Pastor Jonathan Klein John 9:1-7,13-17,34-41 Download
3/15/2023   His Final Steps Led to Some Greeks Pastor Glenn Schwanke John 12:20-33 Download
3/12/2023   Mortal Combat: Jesus vs. Culture Pastor Jonathan Klein John 4:4-26 Download
3/8/2023   His Final Steps Led to a Fig Tree Pastor Glenn Schwanke Mark 11:12-14,20-25 Download
3/5/2023   Mortal Combat: Jesus vs. Ignorance Pastor Jonathan Klein John 3:1-17 Download
3/1/2023   His Final Steps Led to a Dinner Celebration Pastor Jonathan Klein John 12:1-11 Download
2/26/2023   Mortal Combat: Jesus vs. Adam Pastor Jonathan Klein Romans 5:12-19 Download
2/22/2023   Mortal Combat: Jesus vs. Pride Pastor Jonathan Klein Psalm 51:1-19 Download
2/19/2023   Scattering the Darkness: Eyewitness Accounts Pastor Jonathan Klein 2 Peter 1:16-21 Download
2/12/2023   Scattering the Darkness: The Righteous Endure Forever Pastor Jonathan Klein Psalm 112:1-10 Download
2/5/2023   Scattering the Darkness: Age of Enlightenment Pastor Jonathan Klein 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 Download
1/29/2023   Scattering the Darkness: The Poison of Hatred Pastor Jonathan Klein 1 John 2:3-11 Download
1/22/2023   Scattering the Darkness: God Lifts Me Out of the Pit Pastor Jonathan Klein Psalm 40:1-17 Download
1/15/2023   Scattering the Darkness: Clinging to Baptism Pastor Jonathan Klein Isaiah 42:1-7 Download
1/8/2023   Scattering the Darkness: Prophecy to History Pastor Jonathan Klein Matthew 2:1-12 Download
1/1/2023   New Year; Same Faithful, Loving God Pastor Jonathan Klein Hosea 11:1-11 Download