Check out the various tabs to learn of different groups that are here are Light of the Valley. 

Bible Information Class
What does the Bible teach? If this is a question that you want an answer to, contact Pastor Klein to find out when he is currently offering classes that go through the message of the Bible. The Bible Information Class is a prerequisite to membership at Light of the Valley Lutheran Church. 

Men's Group
The men of Light of the Valley meet on every third Saturday of the month at 9:00 am at the church to encourage one another with God's Word and fellowship to continue to walk as men of God. 

Women's Group
The women of Light of the Valley get together once a month to fellowship. The fellowship activities vary from Bible studies, lunch outings, tea parties, and more.  

Youth Group
In addition to the Sunday morning Bible study at 9:15 am, the Light of the Valley teenage Youth Group gets together once a month for either a social outing or a community service event. Check here to see the upcoming events. 

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